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I wanted to offer you some insight into my philosophy on companionship.

I find that the 21st century presents a society vastly different than any humanity has experienced before. Such drastic alterations of technological, social, economic, and political mechanisms also inevitably led to alterations of relationships.

Today’s society understands relationships in a much larger, more diverse and ever-changing definition than ever. Regardless of the construction of these social ties, intimacy is essential to every individual’s well-being. Feeling connected to another person is the foundation for all these centuries of evolution.


I believe in the natural human need for sexual connectedness,

openness, and exploration. These are at risk in modern society prioritizing and emphasizing the individual. Living in a meritocracy makes it easy for our sensual, fun side to be ignored.

Luckily, today we find ourselves with endless possibilities for exciting lifestyles alternatives to the traditional: binary, committed, monogamous relationship model that has been prominent for the last few centuries.

The stress of modern life makes indulging in luxury companionship in lieu of a traditional relationship very easy, appealing and less of a financial expense in the long-run.

I find myself in a position where I sincerely enjoy sharing myself with those seeking an indulgent, genuine experience with an authentic young woman.

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I truly enjoy being a companion and do so recreationally.

There is no better investment than one’s emotional, and physical well-being. Isolation universally breeds sadness, luckily we have access to tools of globalization to not have to conform to traditional methods of companionship. We are able to seek other, exciting options (insert humble self-acknowledgement).

Come and be a ‘bon vivant’ with me as your playful companion.


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