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So, you’ve found me at last.

It’s nice to e-meet you, I’m Sienna.

You may be asking yourself how I came to have this website, and be involved in companionship. The truth is, ever since I can remember I’ve been held a high proclivity towards all things intimate and sensual.

Several years ago while living abroad, I discovered the realm of companionship and couldn’t resist dipping my toes which inevitably led to full on submersion. Companionship allows me to fully express the naturally seductive, playful part of my persona in a way no other industry offers.

My natural, warm-hearted state exudes a vivaciousness that allures all those who get the chance to see me in action. Ultimately, my involvement in this industry is an indulgence before the inevitable day that I start solely focusing on my professional career. For the time being, I adore being an exclusive companion available to select clients with whom I feel I can share genuine, memorable experiences… care to indulge with me?


I am best described as

an outgoing intellectual with a razor sharp personality; subtle yet outrageous, charming yet risqué, regimented yet unpredictable…nothing short of my own bespoke brand of goddess. Such goddess’ have been known to inspire intense, fleeting fantasies. In short, I am an uplifting, energizing muse with a little added impropriety. I am proudly in my mid-twenties, though relentlessly told I look even younger than my age. It will be easy to spot me when we meet, simply tap the youthful seductress you see on the shoulder.


I am a very athletic woman,

I finding gruelling workouts to be one of my happy places. Another happy place for me happens to be the kitchen. I am a phenomenal cook, and baker. If you wish to see me cook in lingerie as your personal chef to begin our booking, I never disappoint. Alternatively, treating me to a chef’s creations at a lovely restaurant can only feed the hot flame that grows over the course of a booking.


The memories of my brief dalliances with companionship from several years ago are now free to be active once again. I have lived overseas for several years in an array of European countries and speak several languages. I found said opportunities to live abroad on my own, confirming that wanderlust is most definitely part of my vocabulary. I can’t help but marvel towards all things different than me. Humbly, I’ll admit I personify the ideal companion on your travels.

My animated personality is disarming, endearing and the ultimate spice to add to any day. Creating an authentic intimate experience is of genuine importance to me.

In essence,

I offer a qualitative, bespoke experience that feeds the soul. I am not best suited to those seeking quick gratification. I naturally hold a very classy demeanour but I am never averse to shedding my manners in favour of a little more explicit fun.

If for whatever reason you find yourself currently seeking a genuine connection to a young woman with an irresistible je ne sais quoi and unquenchable joie de vivre, you’ve found the right woman.


Body Type: Slim/Athletic
Height: 5’6
Dress size: 4-6
Cup size: 34A (though 99% braless & and proud)
Weight: 120lbs
Shoe size: 8/38
Background: Canadian (French, German, Scottish ancestry)
Age: Mid-Twenties
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Social Drinker, Non-Smoker, Full Time Boss-Lady

Black Americanos, Sparkling Water, Champagne/White Wines, Vodka

Chocolate. Berries. Nuts. Cheese.

Thai food & vegetarian sushi are top contenders, though all cuisines have delicious dishes. Unfortunately, I do not eat fish or red meat.

“Everybody is identical in their secret unspoken belief that way deep down they are different from everyone else.” - David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

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